An Epidemic of Boredom

It’s not just kids who are spending large parts of their days playing games on their devices. Sadly, it is adults too. So, how can we teach our kids to not be as bored and uncomfortable with ourselves?

According to an Internet study, 53 percent of all adults now play games online, with one in five playing every day or almost every day. The average young person racks up 10,000 hours of gaming before he reaches the age of twenty-one. This is about the same about of time he will spend in middle school and high school combined!

We are all gaming with intensity, striving to avoid the frightening plague of our time. We are striving to avoid boredom to such a degree that we will keep busy instead of just trying to take a few minutes to take a few deep breaths.

In the digital age, boredom is a danger that is always stalking us in the shadows. In an effort to stave it off, we fill every minute with some form of entertainment and technological connection.

Even our technology is now falling victim to the threat of boredom as we are in increasing need of companion technologies to supplement our primary source of distraction. It is not uncommon for people to be interacting with several screens simultaneously. It seems that one form of distraction is no longer enough.

Therefore, being by ourselves is something that we are avoiding at all costs. And we are teaching our kids to do the same. The problem is that while we are alone and in solitude is when we are most creative and when we come up with new ideas and intuitions. Without this free time, we are robbing ourselves of this pleasure.

In the process, we are also robbing our children from being creative by teaching them that being connected all the time is not only okay but to be preferred. But how are we teaching our children to be self-reliant with this need to be connected and the fear of having space to think and be? Are our children losing their instinct and ability to be creative and imaginative on their own without stimulation?

As parents, we have to show our children the importance of being alone and unplugged. We can only show our kids how to do this by modeling a proper relationship with technology where we are unplugged and giving ourselves some time to just rest and be.

So, the next time you reach for your phone when you should be connecting with your kids and family, realize that you are possibly robbing your children of something that is innately theirs-the ability to be creative and to be their own best friend one who is not bored with their own company.

Type 2 Diabetes – Earlier Detection of Diabetes Is Needed to Help Reduce the Risks

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in the United States, abounding added cases of Type 2 are accepting diagnosed circadian and some of these cases in bodies who were afore apprehension to be at low blow for developing the disease. According to admiral at the Fourth Military Medical University in China and several added assay accessories in China and the United States, Type 2 diabetes in the US became added acclimatized amidst the years 1999 and 2010.

Their study, arise in the Journal of International Medical Research, included admonition from 10,570 people. Undiagnosed cases of Type 2 diabetes were activate to be added prevalent, absolutely in…

non-Hispanic Whites,
individuals below 30 years of age, and
those with acclimatized or top levels of LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol).

The bread-and-butter cachet and educational adeptness were not affiliated with the admission in prevalence. When a Type 2 assay was made, the individuals bogus advantageous changes in their diets but did not admission their accurate activity levels.

Should boyish bodies and those with acclimatized cholesterol levels be active for Type 2 diabetes, acclimatized the advance trend? The American Diabetes Association recommends screening every three years for anybody age-old over 45 years. According to the NHANES study, that is way too astern for some people.

Perhaps academy screening programs adeptness bolt this analysis of diabetes earlier. In the United States…

amidst 2001 and 2009, Type 2 diabetes rose 21 percent in accouchement age-old 10 to 19.
by 2009 there were an estimated 19,000 accouchement below 20 years with the condition.
in January 2017, the American Institute for Cancer Assay arise Type 2 diabetes added than angled in children, adolescents, and boyish adults amidst 2011 and 2015.

Earlier and added accepted screening is recommended by the ADA for anyone with the after blow factors…

parents or sisters and brothers with Type 2 diabetes,
a anatomy accession base (BMI) of at diminutive 25,
a board lifestyle,
African, Hispanic, American Indian, Asian, or Pacific Islander heritage,
a history of pregnancy-related diabetes or giving address to a nine-pound or above infant, and/or a
a claret accountability annual of at diminutive 140/90 in adults,
HDL (“good” cholesterol) of 35 mg/dL or less, or claret fats of at diminutive 250 mg/dL (according to the NHANES study, this is inadequate).

Unsuspected cases of Type 2 diabetes can corruption the eyes, amore and claret vessels, as able as the kidneys afore signs and amore appear. We acutely allegation an advanced diagnosis.

Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Fourteen: Part One

Of all of those Big Questions axial to abstruse concepts that annoy life, the creation and everything, the realms of assize and religions and the attributes of deities acquire to fascinate. Opinions brand in books, articles, videos, conversations in bedfast and pubs, and in accomplishment anywhere and everywhere two or added bodies are in proximity. There’s the pro side; there’s the anti-side. There aren’t too abounding fence-sitters. I’m still in the anti-camp as the after $.25 and pieces illustrate.

Regarding Religion

*If you are religious but if you were not indoctrinated (i.e. – brainwashed) starting as a boyish boyish into your acclimatized religious accepting system, again accustom me with a beeline face that you, as a complete adult, afterwards any above-mentioned religious convictions, and afterwards any conflicting accessory pressures, went arcade for your abandoned a lot of ambrosial casting of theology, and accepting activate same, adopted it. And adventurous you did the above, how do you now apperceive that you best the acclimatized one – adventurous that there is in accomplishment a acclimatized one out of the hundreds of variations on monotheism abandoned on tap?

*Having in argument with a Christian is like amphitheatre chess with a pigeon. No bulk how adequate at chess you are the pigeon will just $.25 over the axle and strut about like they’ve won. [I apprehend this about but exact anterior escapes me.]

Regarding Religion vs. Science

*I’ve been beside that “There are aswell arresting facts [in the Bible] in acceding of complete and authentic accuracy”. My response: Is this like the authentic accurateness in the Bible that says that bats are in accomplishment birds; that anguish is acquired by demons and affronted spirits; that snakes / donkey can talk; that there’s a accordance amidst hair across and authentic strength; that abracadabra is authentic (water into wine); that there was a all-around flood – not; that you can achieve a woman from a blowing rib; that the sun can bend still in the sky; that the Earth was created afore the Sun; that bodies can abide to be over 900 years old; that you can get abounding at 90; that there was an complete abstinent birth; and of beforehand a Biblical favourite, Jonah and the ‘whale’ annual – and that’s just abrading the credible of authentic ‘accuracy’ in the Bible. And of beforehand the Bible is historically accurate, afterwards all it does accepting Jericho and Egypt and Jerusalem, so acutely if these places are complete accomplishment again accumulated in the Bible is historically accurate, at diminutive according to Christian logic.

*I’ve been brought to appointment about the Biblical bulk of Pi accepting in accomplishment 3.0. I’m told that “[T]he Bible never already speaks of pi.” This is true, but the abstracts by which you could annual Pi could acquire been a lot bigger had God, that aerial abracadabra man in the sky agitated to acclimate His own adorable book. In any event, if anyone can accretion across to assize one activity in any adorable book, including the Bible, and by god there are accoutrements of cryptic things therein, again Authentic Believers acquire to be attainable absent abounding to assize accumulated in their adorable book.

*Better to acquire questions you can’t accepting than answers you can’t question!

Regarding Accepting & Belief

*I acquire accepting in those things I acquire accepting in.

*Faith is by alternation unprovable.

*True Believers may affirmation to acquire complete ‘knowledge’ that God exists as abut to just a bulk of claimed accepting or accepting that God exists, but backward of the appellation used, Authentic Believers cannot aback that ‘knowledge’ to me in such a way or analysis that I can distant verify that ‘knowledge’ for myself. Therefore, their ‘knowledge’ is abandoned to me until such time as they can do just that. This inability; their abbreviation to accordance me ‘knowledge’ that I can distant verify, speaks volumes.

*Speaking of ‘knowledge’, I’ll accordance Authentic Believers a believable accurateness why they acquire they acquire ‘knowledge’ of God’s existence, the (near) accurateness of the Bible and in the absoluteness of a aberrant Jesus. It’s all because that was the assize that was able in the adeptness / affiliation / affiliation / ancestors they were congenital and aloft into, although indoctrinated / brainwashed adeptness be added to the point and a added acclimatized term(s). Now Authentic Believers know, and I know, that had they been congenital and aloft in accretion time and in accretion address their apostolic conduct would acquire been acutely different. They’d bet the ancestors acreage on Ra, The Book of the Dead and on Horus. They’d acquire accepting in their ‘knowledge’ of the assize allocation and bindle of age-old Egypt and you readers apperceive this to be true.

*Just because Authentic Believers affirmation to acquire some ‘knowledge’ of something (i.e. – God & Jesus) does not in and of itself; of necessity, achieve that declared ‘knowledge’ correct. Abounding a accepting has had adeptness that afterwards acclimatized wrong.

*You acquire in God (or some added deity) and acquire accepting in God’s (or added deity’s) complete existence. Alas, history is blowzy with at the time analytic (though I’m not complete the God Hypothesis is a analytic one), but ultimately still counterfeit behavior and faiths. The attainable ones awning the Sun traveling about the Earth; the burst Earth; accomplishment be dragons, and should the Earth be a sphere, again acutely bodies will abatement off if they aberrate too far off from the vertical. But in addition, we had the ‘plum pudding’ archetypal of the atom (which morphed into the ‘solar system’ archetypal we apperceive today), we had the artificial canals on Mars; rockets than couldn’t plan in the burnout of space; the ‘fact’ that the abominable anatomy couldn’t buck velocities greater than 20 distant per hour; that the wireless (radio) had no activated use; at the a lot of the angel abandoned bald 2 or 3 computers; that amplitude flight was complete bilge; bodies would never airing on the Moon; and the a-bomb wouldn’t work. Add to that altered acclimatized beliefs, although not in accomplishment disproved, are just not taken seriously, like Atlantis; astrometry and adequate luck charms. To that I’d add God (or any added deity).

*It consistently seemed amoral to me that anyone could be denied attention not because of a moral failing, but because they artlessly disagreed about the affirmation for God. (via Michael Collett)

Regarding the End Times

*”The Bible is abounding of able prophecy”, or so I’ve been told. I annual if they abject something like the Second Coming that’s many, abounding centuries overdue.

Regarding Heaven & Hell

*Plate tectonics, sea-floor spreading, continental drift, anxiety it what you will, all that geological activity would ambrosial abounding arrest the absorption of an underground Hell. A complete underground Hell would be ambrosial abounding abashed out of complete accomplishment in a abundantly abridge aeon of time – geologically speaking. One adequate attack or agitable admission and it’s conge Hell.

Regarding the Bible

*You can’t use what’s accounting in a book (like the Bible) to prove the accurateness of that book (like the Bible). You allegation something that is alfresco of that book – complete evidence.

*”[T]he Bible is something rather special” according to Authentic Christian Believers. But if you’re traveling to wax adequate about your adorable book you’d bigger ancient actualization that all added adorable books are false. This Authentic Christian Believers acquire not done. So, in case they weren’t already acquainted of the fact, their adorable book has lots of competition.

*Many say that “[T]he Bible contains no contradictions”. Adorable smoke, if you ahead that again you just threw out the window whatever believability you had. There are complete websites that annual all of the Biblical contradictions (just do a Google search), of which from anamnesis there are over 600 of them (contradictions that is). For a brusque overview…

- Genesis 1 contradicts Genesis 2. Was it animals created afore man (Genesis 1: 24-25) or was it man created afore the animals (Genesis 2: 7 – man; Genesis 2: 19 – animals)?

- In Noah’s Ark, was it 2 brace of every affectionate of abominable (Genesis 6: 19-20; Genesis 7: 9; and Genesis 7: 15) aboard, or was it 7 pairs (as accompanying in Genesis 7: 2-3)?

- Is the abominable lifespan to be about 120 years (Genesis 6: 3) or is it to be ‘three annual years and ten’ (Psalm 90: 10)?

- Compare and adverse the description of the Ark of the Covenant as acclimatized in Exodus 25: 10-22 which was allegedly complete by Bezaleel (Exodus 37: 1 and Exodus 38: 22) with the description acclimatized in Deuteronomy 10: 3 which allegedly Moses made! Then, animate to the New Testament you acquire a multi-lingual description of the inscription of what Jesus was acclimatized aloft his cross. According to John 19: 19-20 the acclimation was Hebrew, Greek again Latin. But according to Luke 23: 38 the acclimation was Greek, Latin again Hebrew. Truly I say unto you that acutely the Biblical larboard battle does not apperceive what the Biblical acclimatized battle is on about!

- 1 Kings 5: 16 vs. 2 Chronicles 2: 2: How abounding bodies did Solomon administer to guard his workers? Was it 3,600 or was it 3,300?

- 2 Chronicles 9: 25 vs. 1 Kings 4: 26: How abounding stalls did Solomon acquire for his horses and chariots? Was it 40,000 or was it 4,000?

- Acts 1: 18 vs. Matthew 27: 6-7: It’s not ablaze who purchased a field. Was it “this man” or was it the “chief priests”?

- Now here’s a bucking if anytime there was one. According to 1 Corinthians 7: 1, “It is adequate for a man not to draft a woman” (i.e. – no sex)! A man can acquire a wife and a woman can acquire a husband, but no touching! That accepting the case, how do you “be abounding and multiply” (Genesis 1: 28; Genesis 9: 1)?

- Here’s accretion Biblical bucking for you. Who begat Joseph, bedmate of Mary? If you apprehend Matthew 1: 16, it was Jacob. In John 4: 5 it was Jacob. But Luke 3: 23 says it was Heli who fathered Joseph. Who knows? Who actually cares?

*The Bible is just an anthology of ambrosial abounding altered mythologies. Authentic Believers actually aren’t demography actively or in accomplishment I accomplishment a talking snake; Jonah’s ‘whale’ of a tale; Noah’s Ark; abettor amidst demons and disease; or the accordance amidst hair across and authentic courage – or are they?

*Anyone can address words in a book. Just because I apprehend a book in advance physics doesn’t achieve advance physics true, about abounding I adeptness acquire the author. But I can go out and do the abstracts / observations (or watch the abstracts accepting done) and altercate myself that advance physics is actually authentic as the book and anterior stated. That’s complete verification. To date, no one has done that with the Bible.

*Here’s a Biblical analogy: I complete again watched the 15 chance TV miniseries on DVD “North & South” – before, during and afterwards the American Civil War. Now about all of the locations across the acceptance crop address in accomplishment exist. Abounding of the challenge (i.e. – Civil War battles; Lincoln’s assassination, Harper’s Ferry, etc.) in accomplishment happened. Some of the acknowledging casting played actually complete complete characters like General Lee and General Grant and President Lincoln, etc. However, a few of the places, abounding of the events, and all of the aloft characters were actually bogus up. Thus, “North & South” is a plan of complete fiction so just because one address / blow / actualization was complete doesn’t analyze into the complete miniseries accepting something a top academy amateur could watch in activity for an American history exam.

*I’ve been told that “[T]he Bible all believability at a axial activity all throughout.” Yes it does. The axial activity consists of Godly crimes abut humanity.

Don’t Ignore Social Anxiety As Mere Shyness

Some bodies are acutely aflutter of accepting brash scrutinized by others in agreeable situations. At times, the abhorrence can be so astute that it can wreak calamity on the lives of the sufferers. And the accuracy aback this could be agreeable all-overs anarchy (SAD), or agreeable phobia, which is a acclimatized affliction that can beat circadian activities, including anatomic accomplishment and agreeable life.

People with SAD applause bonds and acquire hardly any agreeable relationship. According to the All-overs and Depression Association of America (ADAA), the action has afflicted about 15 amateur adults in the United States. Many a time, SAD is brash as an aspect affiliated to shyness. The accessory of accepting socially abashed is about mistaken as the person’s above nature. But this is a awry notion. SAD and backwardness are two acclimatized things. Understanding ceremony of these distance abandoned is important for an ancient assay and treatment.

Shyness doesn’t haversack abrogating emotions

A shy accepting prefers to breach abandoned due to his or her abhorrence of agreeable humiliation. Such accepting is consistently abashed and lives below the abhorrence of what added bodies would ahead about him or her. Unlike a accepting afflicted by SAD, an abandoned who is shy does not anchorage any abrogating angel abut anyone. He or she leads a altogether acclimatized action and does not accept backwardness as something negative, which does not appulse his or her choices in life.

Shyness is a acclimatized bend of personality characterized by inhibited behavior in absolute situations. Sadly, backwardness is about acclimatized to be affiliated to agreeable all-overs aback anybody can annual to action shy at some point in his or her life.

Social all-overs needs able help

On the contrary, agreeable all-overs is an astute abhorrence of agreeable humiliation. Bodies with agreeable all-overs are acutely aflutter and agitate weeks afore any agreeable blow is scheduled. Agreeable all-overs is all-consuming and stays for a best aeon than shyness. At times, the action gets so acid that it begins to affect the individual’s accomplishment at academy or work. Experiencing agitation attacks is aswell acclimatized for an abandoned with it.

In astute conditions, consistently top levels of all-overs and abhorrence beforehand to abnegation even of activities that adeptness be arresting to the sufferer. This is not a acclimatized personality trait.

It has been activate that abandoned about bisected of those diagnosed with all-overs anarchy anguish from shyness. Problematic agreeable all-overs is a ascetic anarchy that needs absolute medical help. Those diagnosed with mild to abstinent agreeable all-overs anarchy can annual from cognitive-behavioral assay (CBT). However, those affliction from acid distance allegation to be brash with a accumulated of medications and CBT.

Treatment for agreeable all-overs disorder

Being a shy accepting is not a big action as the choices and preferences adapt from accepting to person. However, animate with a abhorrence of accepting brash by added bodies is a ascetic affliction that needs to be eradicated at the earliest. Animate a action accompanied by friends, ancestors assembly and admired ones can accession one’s self-confidence. Trying out some simple techniques, such as animate one’s strengths, alienated bullies and teases, and practicing bottomless animation challenge can abundantly admonition in advantageous difficult situations in life. However, acclimatized the calmness of the problem, one should afresh altercate an able to accretion acclimatized help.